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Loop1 Rapid Report Card

Gain valuable, actionable insights into the performance status of your SolarWinds® Orion core platform

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Loop1 is a leading global IT Operations Management (ITOM) company specializing in the SolarWinds® ITOM product offerings. We specialize in offering the most comprehensive training and professional services for SolarWinds clients across the globe.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, SriLanka, and Singapore, Loop1 has more than 120employees across four continents, clients in more than 60 countries, and 25+ SolarWinds SCP engineers holding 130+ certifications. We provide short, medium, and long-term technical solutions remotely and on-site worldwide.

All of our engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals®, and many hold Cisco®,Microsoft® and VMWare® certifications as well.We also have a software development team dedicated to creating scripts in various languages to ensure that your IT systems' interoperability with SolarWinds products is optimal.

The Loop1 engineering team has more than 4,500engagements under its belt with 10,000+ hours of experience and an average of 7 years experience per engineer in SolarWinds environments of all shapes and sizes.


Average years of SolarWinds product experience per engineer


SolarWinds professional services engagements delivered since 2009


SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) engineers, holding 130+ certifications


SolarWinds professional services projects completed in 2020

Broad portfolio of SolarWinds Professional Services

A Global Team of SolarWinds SCP Experts

Over the last decade, Loop1 has delivered more than 4,500 SolarWinds professional services engagements in some of the most advanced environments around the globe.

Loop1 experienced engineers can help avoid over-monitoring and ‘alert fatigue’ by identifying critical alerts with threshold tuning, creating logical groups and dependencies, that go beyond the defaults.

Configuration of Alerts, Reports & Dashboards

Loop1 can provide custom scripting and API development services to add custom devices and activities to the user interface.

Custom Scripting & API

Health Checks & Environment Reviews

From full SolarWinds environment reviews, detailed ITOM Maturity Assessments based on Loop1’s L1M3 methodology, to our unique 2-hour Orion Rapid Report Card.

Loop1 provides complete system architecture and implementation services from hardware to installation and network discovery, as well as assistance for upgrades.

Installations, Upgrades & Migrations

87+ classes running in 2021 across three global locations (US, EMEA, APJ) covering all SolarWinds Orion modules, as well as dedicated SCP exam preparation classes.

Comprehensive Instructor-Led Training

How can Loop1 help you harness

the power of your SolarWinds platform?

Rapid Report Card

Free 2-hour installation review powered by Orion Insights with recommendations

A 2-day complete environment review with detailed recommendations & ITOM maturity roadmap

Health Check

Proactive Managed Services, 24x7 support where Loop1 watches, acts, & maintains your environment

ITOMlite ITOMplus
L1M3 Services
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Pre-paid block of hours to provide support & assistance for your environment

Deployment, customization, optimization, development & ad-hoc services projects

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Managed Services Hours

Professional Services

Where to start?

We’d love to schedule some time with you to make an initial assessment of your environment and potential license or professional services requirements.

One of our experienced solutions architects can discuss known projects or issues you’re facing, and help uncover any gaps or blind-spots in your current monitoring practices. Based on some information about licensing and the environment as it stands today, we can provide options for you to move forward with Loop1’s services, or on you own.

All for free and with no obligation.

Book An Account Review

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Book Today

Take the first step and book a free Rapid Report Card assessment with Loop1. Gain valuable,actionable insights into the performance status and health of your SolarWinds® Orion core platform. A free 2-hour engagement can yield tremendous results.

Loop1 can rapidly help you identify areas for potential improvement and provide a clear and comprehensive report outlining what we have discovered, why it has occurred, and what remedial action we would recommend taking.

All for free and with no obligation.

SolarWinds Rapid Report Card

Go L1M3 with Loop1

We help our clients to 'Know What's Next' through our unique methodology L1M3 (Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model' LIME'),which delivers a simplified roadmap and scorecard to enable organizations to measure and improve the value of their overall IT operations.

Know What's Next—with Loop1.

Gain deeper insight into the maturity status of your IT Operations Management with L1M3

The L1M3 Methodology

Loop1 believes our services should provide clients with real business outcomes. For decades IT Management has followed the concept of people, tools and process—Loop1 built on that foundation to develop people, tools and L1M3.




YOUR People*

SolarWinds—exec leadership, Customer Success, THWACK®

Loop1—extension of both SolarWinds and You, bringing it all together

*at every level… sys admins, directors, exec leadership

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YOUR Tools

SolarWinds—best of breed solutions that provide full-stack, end-to-end monitoring and service management with automated correlation

Loop1—our expertise in API-based integrations

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YOUR Outcomes

SolarWinds—Roadmap getting the most of your investment

Loop1Monitoring Maturity Model scorecard and runbook to execute across teams and technologies

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5 Phases of Maturity

Scoring the tools and processes—the L1M3 score

6 Maturity Assessment Areas

What we measure and score—the maturity assessment

7 Technology Layers

The right tool for the right job—with teams and tools working together



High-risk to the business due to a lack of tools, poor visibility, and excessive outages



Silo’s at their worst. Fragmented tools, limited correlation, difficulty sharing, persistent security risks



Substantial investment in tools, improved coverage, but often still siloed. Too much noise, limited resiliency, overlapping tools, excessive licensing, and operational costs. Still gaps in compliance and remediation



Tools well deployed, integrated & provide correlated data with shared visibility between silos. Most easily achieved via SolarWinds AppStack™. Integration and automation improving incident management



IT helps to drive business outcomes and deliver a positive impact to the bottom line. You have data you can trust, facilitating improved planning for budgets, forecasts, training, and more

Adoption & Enablement

Who has access? What do they see? How do they use it? What can we add to make it better?

Performance & Availability Metrics

Gathering the right metrics to ensure optimal user experience while also providing the right data for analytics

Security & Compliance

Configuration security for audit, remediation, and change management. Operational security, and event-based monitoring with automated response and incident management

Feature Complete

Feature awareness. Ensure you know what your tools can do and you’re using the features you want. Reduce costs by eliminating redundant tools

Data Analytics & Business Outcomes

Intelligent Dashboards, integrated solutions for data-driven business decisions that enable improved forecasting and business predictability

Automation & Integration

Real AI for the rest of us. Experience building API-based integration for the most popular industry tools


The foundation of modern ITOM

SolarWinds Service Desk, Web Help Desk, ServiceNow, other 3rd party solutions


The reason IT organizations exist

SAM, VPM, Pingdom, AppOptics, NTA, VNQM, NPM, QoE, Log Analyzer, SEM


Legacy, cloud and hybrid foundation of application delivery

NPM, SAM, AppOptics, NTA, Log Analyzer, SEM, SCM, ARM


The reason IT organizations exist

NPM, VMAN, SRM, Log Analyzer, SEM


The ‘hosts’ of modern infrastructure

NPM, SAM, VMAN, Log Analyzer, SEM


The transport and the services

NPM, SAM, NVM, NTA, IPAM, UDT, Log Analyzer, SEM


The ‘base’ of modern applications

SAM, DPA, DPM, NTA, Log Analyzer, SEM, SCM

L1M3 Services—Secure by Design

Security and compliance built in across each tech layer of the L1M3 model

Let Loop1 manage your entire SolarWinds environment with L1M3 Services; absorbing the repetitive, basic, and time-consuming tasks and freeing up your IT pros to tackle larger, more complex projects that drive business value.

Loop1’s proactive Managed Services provide unlimited 24x7 support where our team watches, acts, and maintains your technology investments for you.

Select the IT Operations Management (ITOM) package that's right for your team and environment and go L1M3 with Loop1.

L1M3 Services

Benefit from actionable insights that shift monitoring practices from AD-HOC to INSIGHTFUL



Scheduled proactive activities ensuring effective systems management

Provides you with the unlimited, 24x7 support where our team watches, acts, maintains and manages your technology investments for you.


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Third party escalation to vendors for discovered bugs

Active patch management of deployed tooling

2 seats/ month on Loop1 Public Training classes

Reduced rate access to Loop1 SCP developers

Support escalation to Loop1 for incidents, moves, adds, and changes

Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Provides you with all the benefits of the ITOMLite, plus, the following additional benefits.


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Proactive Integration and management of your organizations' CMDB

POC for SolarWinds tools not currently owned by your organization

Proactive alignment of L1M3 for the life of your agreement

Quarterly business review with Loop1 executive staff on digital transformation agenda

Full access to Loop1 Public Training classes and SCP certifications

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Reduce noise, improve efficiency, & drive valuable business insights. Book your free account review or rapid report card assessment today.

Know What's Next—with Loop1
At Loop1, we believe the truth is in sight, you just need to look at it with different eyes. We call this approach Engineered Insights, an expert methodology to looking past the noise and finding the data that really matters.

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