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Onsite / Remote Training

Loop1 Systems SolarWinds Onsite & Remote Training Classes

For a flat fee, our experienced SolarWinds Certified Professionals work with your team (up to 10 people) to tailor and build your SolarWinds installation while training them to maintain it. Not only will we be able to give you a unique and custom installation, but also instill knowledge in your team to continue the maintenance of your products. While on-site, we will gather requirements to help with capacity planning for future needs.

Loop1 Systems, Inc. specializes in providing a wide range of SolarWinds training. We perform both on-site and remote training using your deployed SolarWinds solution which allows your staff to learn in the comfort of a familiar environment. Our approach suits all types and levels of learners from help desk staff to systems architects.

If you are interested in scheduling SolarWinds Onsite/Remote Training, please click here.

Advantages of using Loop1 Training

  • Structured proven curriculum
  • Delivered by SolarWinds Certified Professionals
  • Services available for all SolarWinds products and modules
  • Utilizes your actively deployed SolarWinds implementation, creating a comfortable and familiar learning environment for your staff
  • Ensures maximum return on investment by explaining best practices and thorough feature walk-throughs so you don't miss out on valuable capabilities
  • Creation of detailed example customizations and configurations to aid in retention and re-call as your staff continues using the products
  • Provides a jump-start to rapidly leverage your SolarWinds investment and foster a pro-active approach to network and system management
  • Remote training uses screen-sharing technology allowing significant cost savings or to complement an on-site engagement with remote preparation or follow-up

Loop1 Systems can provide complete SolarWinds system architecture and implementation from hardware requirements to installation and network discovery. We can work side-by-side with your staff or install and deliver a turn-key solution on your provided hardware.

Full Installation Services

  • Review and identify necessary hardware and software platforms for deployment
  • Provide network preparation assistance to ensure all devices are configured appropriately for monitoring and management by SolarWinds solutions
  • Configuration of SQL database back end
  • Installation of all products and modules
  • Conduct initial network discovery and database population
  • Provide advanced deployment planning and architecture design for large and complex networks
  • Minimize deployment time and avoid adding work items to already busy staff members

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